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    So far we’ve made AngularJS apps that display data in a single view index.html. But what happens when the app grows and needs to display more information? Stuffing more code to a single view w…
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    Great! A gallery of images shows up. How does it work? 1. In app.js inside the app.config() method, we use Angular’s $routeProvider to define the application routes. 2. We used .when() to map t…
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    What did we just do? 1. In app.js, we mapped a URL to PhotoController and photo.html. We added a variable part named id to the URL, like this: /photos/:id. 2. In PhotoController, we used A…
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    Why are routes useful? Instead of filling a single view with more code than needed, routes let us map URLs to self-contained controllers and templates. Furthermore, now that the app has URLs, users…

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