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Razor Syntax

@page @model IndexModel <h2>Welcome</h2> <ul> @for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { <li>@i</li> } </ul>

Razor Syntax allows you to embed code (C#) into page views through the use of a few keywords (such as “@”), and then have the C# code be processed and converted at runtime to HTML. In other words, rather than coding static HTML syntax in the page view, a user can code in the view in C# and have the Razor engine convert the C# code into HTML at runtime, creating a dynamically generated HTML web page.

Razor Pages Syntax I
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    Wouldn’t it be great if you could get started creating a web application by just running a few commands? Well, that’s possible now with Razor Pages!! When it comes to building web applications w…
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    So how does a view page in a Razor app work? In order for a file to behave as a Razor view page, the first line in the file must be @page. The @page directive indicates that the file is a Razor Pag…
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    All C# expressions are preceded with the character “@“. For example: @DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString() If your C# code needs spaces, then it must be wrapped in parentheses: Last week …
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    You can use the if statement in your Razor code pretty much the same way you would in regular C# code — just prefix the keyword with the “@“ sign: @{ int value = 4; } @if (value % 2 =…
  5. 5
    Similar to if statements, switch cases operate the same way — by prefixing the keyword with the “@“ sign: @{ int number = 2 } @switch (number) { case 1: The value is 1! break; case …
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    Let’s not forget about loops! There are a number of different types of loops in C# that can be written in Razor syntax. Let’s say we have a list of names we’ll be looping over: @{ List names …
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    Great job! We learned a lot in this lesson. We were able to re-create certain HTML markup using Razor syntax and saw how Razor Pages can be useful by reducing repetitive code. Let’s summarize wha…

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