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What are Build Tools?

Build tools aid in improving performance, improving development productivity, or automating tasks.

Build Tools can assist with:

  • combining JavaScript modules and CSS into bundled files for production
  • minifying files for improved performance
  • running unit tests with one command
  • automatically previewing changes to your application
Introduction To Build Tools
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  1. 1
    As you create more complex web apps, performance becomes very important. You’ll need to configure apps to work in different browsers or with a low internet speed. It’s not easy to do this by hand, …
  2. 2
    Build tools are a part of a larger web development ecosystem, the set of tools used to create web applications and their interactions. We can divide the process of producing a web app into three s…
  3. 3
    Let’s focus on two types of build tools, task runners and bundlers. Task runners automate certain development processes, such as compiling code from SCSS to CSS or Typescript to JavaScript. Common…
  4. 4
    The connections between assets need to be mapped by the bundler to produce an output containing everything the app needs. This process uses a data structure called a dependency graph. A depende…
  5. 5
    A large and complex application can take a long time to download in the browser if not optimized. Build tools utilize processes such as code-splitting, minification, dead-code elimination, and tree…
  6. 6
    In this lesson, we got an introduction to what build tools are and when to use them. More specifically, we learned about: * how build tools fit into the overall web development ecosystem * differen…

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