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Types of Conditionals

A conditional in C can be written using if, else-if, else, ternary operators, and switch statements.

Conditionals: Lesson
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    Every program we’ve seen so far has only had one possible path of execution — they all execute line by line, from top to bottom. And every time you run one of those programs, it gives you the same …
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    Before we dive deep into the syntax of the if statement, let’s do a demo! title Here, we have a **coinflip…
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    An if statement is used to test an expression for truth and execute some code based on it. Here’s a simple form of the if statement: if (condition) { // Statement(s) } If the condition is tr…
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    We’ve already seen relational operators at work. Conditionals incorporate them in all their forms. For example, we can do something like: if (grade >= 60) { // Do something } In much the sa…
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    We can also add an else clause to an if statement to provide code that will only be executed if the initial if condition is false. Here’s a form of an if statement that includes an else clause: if…
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    So what happens if you want more than two possible outcomes? This is where else if comes in! if (condition) { // Some code } else if (condition) { // Some code } else { // Some code } The…
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    Now that we know how if, else if, and else work, we can write programs that have multiple outcomes. Programs with multiple outcomes are so common that C provides a special statement for it — the sw…
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    We’ve learned that the if / else statement is versatile. It’s so versatile that C actually has a built-in special way to shortcut an if / else statement into one line. And you don’t even need to us…
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    Congratulations on completing the lesson on conditionals! 🙌 Let’s review some of the major concepts from the lesson: - An if statement checks a condition and will execute a task if that condition …

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