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Syntax in C

// Statements must end in a semicolon (;) // correct printf("Hello World!"); // error printf("Hello World!") // Code elements are case sensitive // correct printf("Hello World!"); // error PRINTF("Hello World!");

The rules that dictate the correct format of code for a specific programming language are known as syntax.

Examples of syntax in C are:

  • All statements must end with a semicolon, ;
  • Keywords and other code elements are case-sensitive

When compiling C code, an error will occur when the syntax of the code is incorrect.

Hello World: Lesson
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    When writing in C, we need to follow a set of rules in order for the code to run properly. These rules are known as syntax. As we go through each lesson we will learn new syntax on the topics b…
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    The main goal of our Hello World code example is to output the text “Hello World!” to the console. The line of code that outputs text is: printf(“Hello World!\n”); Let’s dive deeper into the 2 par…
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    Great work getting through these first exercises! Let’s review what was covered: - C has been around for a while but is still very popular - Code syntax is a set of rules that are followed when wri…

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