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New Line

std::cout << "Hello\n"; std::cout << "Hello again\n";

The escape sequence \n (backward slash and the letter n) generates a new line in a text string.

Hello World
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    There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses. C++ is a programming language created by [Bjarne Stroustrup](…
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    Take a look at the hello.cpp file in the code editor that is placed in the middle of the screen. It’s a C++ program! In our code editor, the file name is displayed at the top: ![File](https:/…
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    High five! We just got your first program to run. C++, like most programming languages, runs line by line, from top to bottom. Here is the structure of a C++ program: ![Program Structure](https:/…
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    We learned how to output a line of text with the following code: std::cout << “🚙💨\n”; It will output: 🚙💨 We can also output multiple lines by adding more std::cout statements: std::cout << …
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    Woohoo! You have written a few C++ programs. 🙌 In this lesson, you have learned: - C++ is a general-purpose coding language. - C++ runs line by line, from top to bottom. - std::cout is how you ou…

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