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while Loop

while (password != 1234) { std::cout << "Try again: "; std::cin >> password; }

A while loop statement repeatedly executes the code block within as long as the condition is true. The moment the condition becomes false, the program will exit the loop.

Note that the while loop might not ever run. If the condition is false initially, the code block will be skipped.

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    A loop is a programming tool that repeats some code or a set of instructions until a specified condition is reached. As a programmer, you’ll find that you rely on loops all the time! You’ll h…
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    So first up… the while loop! Before we dive deep into the syntax of the while loop, let’s do a demo. Inside enter_pin.cpp, we have a program that asks and checks for a password. It uses a w…
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    So now that we got a demo of loops, let’s write one! The while loop looks very similar to an if statement. And just like an if statement, it executes the code inside of it if the condition is true…
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    Great job! Key concepts covered in this lesson: - Loops perform repetitive actions so we don’t have to code those actions manually every time. - How to write while loops with a continue conditi…

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