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Console.WriteLine("Enter your name: "); name = Console.ReadLine();

The Console.ReadLine() method is used to get user input. The user input can be stored in a variable. This method can also be used to prompt the user to press enter on the keyboard.

Hello World
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    What would you like to build? If you can name it, you can probably build it with C#. This programming language can be used to make interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, augmented reality…
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    Time to run some C# yourself!
 There are two panels here: a text editor containing some C# code and a console, or terminal, that shows output. When you run the code, you’ll see some text printed t…
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    We can also read input from a user. The command Console.ReadLine() captures text that a user types into the console.
 In this example, the program writes a question to the console and waits …
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    Ironically, an essential tool in programming is the ability to tell a computer to ignore a part of a program. Text written in a program but not run by the computer is called a comment. In C#, a…
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    You’ve seen some examples of C# code in action, but learning a programming language is more than just memorizing commands: it’s understanding how it differs from other technologies, joining its com…
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    Congrats! You finished your first lesson in C#. In this lesson you learned: * C# is used to make interactive websites, mobile apps, video games, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), back-end …

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