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Python function default return value

# Function returning None def my_function(): pass print(my_function()) #Output None

If we do not not specify a return value for a Python function, it returns None. This is the default behaviour.

Circuit Playground: Part 1
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  1. 1
    Circuit Playground Express: Front Circuit Playground Express is the perfect …
  2. 2
    Here are some of the great goodies baked into each Circuit Playground Express. (No need to memorize these.) LED Lights: - 10 x NeoPixels, able to display any color. - Green “On” LED, to show i…
  3. 3
    NeoPixels are a revolutionary and ultra-popular way to add lights and color to your project. These full-colo…
  4. 4
    So now we know how to turn all the lights into a single color, but how do we turn individual lights on? Circuit Playground Express has 10 built-in NeoPixels, numbered counterclockwise: - cpx.pix…
  5. 5
    The Circuit Playground Express has a slide switch on it, above the battery connector. The slide switch doesn’t control the power of the board. It is a switch that returns True or False depending …
  6. 6
    The Circuit Playground Express has two buttons. Button A is on the left and button B is on the right. We can use these buttons to update our board’s status when pressed. ![Buttons](https://content…
  7. 7
    Congratulations! We have learned the basics of Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express using CircuitPython. 🙌 Here are some of the things we learned: - The cpx module has a lot of nifty functions. …

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