Circuit Playground: Part 2
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    We learned how to light up the Circuit Playground Express with its NeoPixels and utilize the A and B buttons, and the slide switch. But did you know the Circuit Playground Express can play sound?…

  2. 2

    The Circuit Playground Express has a real speaker! It’s not going to compete with your HiFi stereo, but it can play simple songs and tones. ![Speaker](

  3. 3

    The built-in speaker is not only capable of playing sound files; it can also play basic tones with the […] function. For example, the code below would play the [middle C note](

  4. 4

    But what happens when we have more than two sounds? Two buttons is simply not enough for the cool things that we want to do. Well, we are in luck. Circuit Playground Express comes with multiple [c…

  5. 5

    Now, let’s learn about some of the wonderful sensors that come with the Circuit Playground Express. First, the Circuit Playground can see you! Okay, not really. That would be creepy. But, it can …

  6. 6

    But wait! There’s more — the Circuit Playground Express can also tell the temperature! How, you ask? With a built-in thermistor. This little sensor is a thermally sensitive resistor, meaning its r…

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    Congratulations! You have learned how to program Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express. Here are some of the things we learned: - Audio Output […] […] - Capacitive Touches: […] - Temp…

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