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Styling Your Applications

The css Prop

In Emotion, the css prop is used to style elements. It can be used with object styles and tagged template literals.

// object styles <div css={{ backgroundColor: 'rebeccapurple', }} > Content to Display </div> // tagged template literals <div css={css` background-color: rebeccapurple; `} > Content to Display </div>

React Styled Components

Styled components are React components that have styles attached to them.

const ContentWrapper = styled.div` width: 100vw; height: 100vh; display: grid; ` function App() { return ( <ContentWrapper>Content</ContentWrapper> ) }


Compositions can be used to group styles together and be used in other style blocks.

const Button = styled.button` color: black; font-size: 1em; margin: 1em; padding: 0.25em 1em; border: 2px solid black; border-radius: 3px; `; // A new component based on Button, but with some override styles const CornflowerButton = styled(Button)` color: cornflowerblue; border-color: cornflowerblue; `;


In Emotion, themes are used to specify styles that are used throughout the whole application. Styles defined in the theme can be used as variables in other style blocks.

import { ThemeProvider } from '@emotion/react' import styled from '@emotion/styled' const theme = { colors: { primary: 'tomato' } } const AlertText = styled.div` color: ${props => props.theme.colors.primary}; ` render( <ThemeProvider theme={theme}> <AlertText>alert text</AlertText> </ThemeProvider> )

keyframes Helper

In Emotion, the keyframes helper can be used to define animations and returns an object that can be used in other style blocks.

import { jsx, css, keyframes } from '@emotion/react' const partyText = keyframes` 0% { background-color: red; } 20% { background-color :yellow; } 40% { background-color: green; } 60% { background-color: blue; } 80% { background-color: red; } ` render( <div css={css` animation: ${partyText} 1s ease infinite; `} > party text! </div> )