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Divide and Conquer Algorithms

  • Divide-and-conquer solves a large problem by recursively breaking it down into smaller subproblems until they can be solved directly.
  • Divide-and-conquer works in three steps: divide, conquer, and combine.
  • It is more efficient than brute force approaches.
  • It is prone to stack overflow error due to the use of recursion.
Binary Search: Conceptual
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    With a sorted data-set, we can take advantage of the ordering to perform a search which is more efficient than going element by element. Let’s say you were looking up the word “Telescope” in the d…
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    Play with this interactive visualization demonstrating binary search. Refresh the page to play again with a different list.
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    How efficient is binary search? In each iteration, we are cutting the list in half. The time complexity is O(log N). A sorted list of 64 elements will take at most log 2 (64) = 6 compari…

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