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Node: An individual part of a larger data structure

Nodes are a basic data structure which contain data and one or more links to other nodes. Nodes can be used to represent a tree structure or a linked list. In such structures where nodes are used, it is possible to traverse from one node to another node.

Nodes: Python
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    Now that you have an understanding of what nodes are, let’s see one way they can be implemented using Python. We will use a basic node that contains data and one link to another node. The node’s …
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    We need methods to access the data and link within the node. For this, we will use two getters, .get_value() and .get_link_node(). These should each return their corresponding value on the self ob…
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    We are only allowing the value of the node to be set upon creation. However, we want to allow updating the link of the node. For this, we will use a setter to modify the self.link_node attribute. …
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    We have a few zany characters to keep track of and Python nodes may do just the trick. Let’s get started…

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