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Design Thinking: Define and Ideate
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    The design thinking process asks us to place the user at the center of our work. Implementing a user-centered approach may feel qui…
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    One refrain we will repeat in this lesson is that the stages of the design thinking process are tightly linked and often occur simultaneously. The define stage is no exception. In the **define sta…
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    In the ideate stage, we explore solutions to a defined problem. At this time, we aren’t trying to find the perfect solution. Instead, we use our creative energy to generate a towering heap of i…
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    Brainstorming is the process of generating several ideas based on a central topic or question. It’s a popular, flexible ideation method that is applied in many contexts. In fact, you are probab…
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    During the ideation process, it can be helpful to create visual representations of our ideas. One go-to method for creating these visuals is to sketch them. Like brainstorming, sketching is a gene…
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    As we explore the design thinking process, we bump into the word “iteration” at nearly every turn. Iteration is the practice of revising ideas based on new insights or feedback from team memb…
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    After defining a problem, brainstorming, sketching, and pinpointing our best solutions, we could dive into the “prototype” stage. While this approach can certainly be effective, an alternative is t…

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