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Defining an Enumeration

enum Day { case monday case tuesday case wednesday case thursday case friday case saturday case sunday } let casualWorkday: Day = .friday

Enumerations (or enums) are used to define a new custom type with a list of possible cases. When creating an instance of an enumeration, its value must be one of the cases.

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    With some forms of information, we know all of the possible values that can exist. Let’s say you’re building a transportation app. Users can either travel by truck, plane, or boat. We could just …
  2. 2
    Enumerations are a data type found in many popular programming languages, but Swift extends their functionality, offering capabilities one would typically expect to find only in classes. In Swift, …
  3. 3
    A switch statement is a common place you might want to use an enum. Switch statements must be exhaustive. This means that each possible case must be addressed explicitly by the control flow. Using …
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    Enumerations aren’t technically one of the three primary collection types offered by Swift (Arrays, Sets, and Dictionaries). However, they do define a set of cases, and you may find yourself in a s…
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    In some other programming languages, enumerations are built using another underlying type. For example, in C++, enumerations are actually a set of integers. The Swift implementation of enumeratio…
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    One of the powerful functionalities Swift adds to enums is the ability to store an associated value of any type attached to a case value. This is different from raw values because each case can hav…
  7. 7
    In Swift, enumerations are truly first-class types and have several advanced capabilities. One of those capabilities is the ability to define instance methods inside of an enumeration. One such u…
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    Another amazing functionality Swift gives with enumerations is the ability to incorporate computed properties. A computed property is a property that isn’t directly stored but is instead derived fr…
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    Great job 🙌 We have learned about the power and flexibility offered by Swift enumerations. Here’s what we covered: * What an enumeration is * How to use enumerations in a switch control flow * Ho…

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