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If Expressions

var morning = true if (morning) { println("Rise and shine!") } // Prints: Rise and shine!

An if expression is a conditional that runs a block of code when its condition has a true value.

Conditional Expressions
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    When we go on adventures, sometimes the road is straightforward and other times, the road splits and we must choose a path to take. Conditionals are like forks in the road: they determine the direc…
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    An if expression is a conditional that executes a body of code only when a specified Boolean value returns true. Assume we had a Boolean variable called raining: var raining = true We can use an …
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    Often accompanying the if expression is another conditional called the else expression. The else expression executes a block of instructions when the condition in the if expression has a false valu…
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    To create more complex conditions for our conditionals to evaluate, we can use comparison operators. Comparison operators evaluate the relationship between two values in order to return an expres…
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    Another way to compare two values is with the equality operators. We can use the equality operator (==) to check if the value on the right side of the operator is equal to the value on the left….
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    An else-if expression can be used to add a plethora of more conditionals for our program to evaluate. Let’s say we created a Kotlin program that determines what we will wear depending on the tempe…
  7. 7
    Logical operators evaluate the relationship between two or more Boolean expressions and return a true or false value. There are several operators that we can use: &&, ||, and !. The logical AND op…
  8. 8
    We can combine expressions containing logical operators to create even more complex Boolean expressions. When combining logical operators, the order of evaluation is as follows: 1. Boolean express…
  9. 9
    Similar to the concept of a “dream inside of a dream” from the movie Inception, a conditional can exist inside of another conditional. This occurrence is …
  10. 10
    Another expression that controls the flow of execution in a program is the when expression. A when expression is made up of multiple branches that contain values, or arguments, to check for. If …
  11. 11
    In Kotlin, range provides a powerful tool that represents a consecutive succession of values that can often be used in conjunction with conditionals. In Kotlin, ranges are created using the .. op…
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    Great job getting to the end of this lesson. Let’s review the content we learned: * Conditional expressions control the flow of execution in a program. * An if expression executes a block of code …

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