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print("Hello, world!") -- Prints: Hello, world!

The print() function outputs one or more values to the terminal.

Introduction to Lua
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    Lua is a powerful and intuitive general-purpose programming language developed in 1993 by a team of scrappy professors at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de …
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    Take a look at the main.lua file in the code editor that is placed in the middle of the screen. It’s a Lua program! When learning a new language, tradition suggests that our first program prin…
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    We learned how to output a line of text with the following code: print(“🚙💨”) It will output: 🚙💨 We can also output multiple lines by adding more print() statements: print(“Hello”) print(“Goo…
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    Our own code can quickly become difficult to understand when we return to it — sometimes only a few hours later! For this reason, it’s often useful to leave a note or reminder in our code for our f…
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    Sometimes, we will have a section of our code that we want to temporarily disable. We can do this by using comments to “comment out” those lines. before print(“Disable me!”) print(“This should…
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    Woohoo! You have written a few Lua programs. 🙌 In this lesson, you have learned: - Lua is a general-purpose coding language. - The code is read from top to bottom. - print() is used to output to …

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