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-- The following are all example of data 99 1.3 "a FuNKY sTriNg" "A longer, more formal, less funky string" false nil

Data is information stored by a computer.

Data Types and Operators
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    All programs consist of data and operations we perform on that data. That makes data an essential thing to understand in your coding journey! In the “real” world, we use data every day to…
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    Data is information stored by a computer. We need it to write even the simplest programs. The text you’re reading right now is a piece of text data saved on Codecademy’s servers! As we learne…
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    Letters and numbers in real life are easy to differentiate, but in programming, there is more to it than meets the eye. Previously, we introduced the definition of a string type and number type: …
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    It wouldn’t be much of a program if we couldn’t do something with all the data we’ve collected. The fun comes from taking the data and transforming it into something else. The most basic transforma…
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    Hurray! You’ve reached the end of this lesson. Before you go, let’s review what you’ve learned: * Programs use data. Data has an associated *data type**. *Data types determine what we can d…

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