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Learn the basics of Lua, a general-purpose programming language used for building games, web apps, and developer tools.

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About this course

Lua is a powerful and intuitive general-purpose programming language used for building games (such as Roblox, World of Warcraft, and Angry Birds), web apps (such as Venmo and Adobe), and developer tools. This course for beginners will teach you the basics of programming with the Lua language while giving you interactive practice building terminal-based programs.


5 lessons • 4 projects • 5 quizzes
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Meet the creator of the course
Kenny Lin
Web Development Domain Manager at Codecademy
Kenny is the Domain Manager for the Web Development Domain at Codecademy. He contributed to a wide range of courses and paths at Codecademy, including JavaScript, Bootstrap, Handlebars, Phaser.js, Go, Swift, TypeScript, and Lua.

Learn Lua course ratings and reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
1,255 ratings
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  • Excellent, concise explanation, practical hands-on experience right off the bat and great exercises.
    Arthur S.
    Verified Learner
  • The instructions were very detailed, I was able to follow every step without struggling. I'm looking forward to new courses/lessons on Lua, the course was very helpful.
    Tim D.
    Verified Learner
  • Very easy for me to understand, very approachable for a beginner to Lua and coding in general.
    Leo M.
    Verified Learner

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