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mouseX and mouseY

function draw() { // The ellipse's x and y positions follow the mouse ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 100, 100); }

The mouseX and mouseY variables always store the current x and y coordinates of the mouse relative to the origin of the canvas. So if the mouse was currently at the x position of 150 pixels and the y position of 200 pixels, the value of the mouseX variable would be 150 and the value of the mouseY variable would be 200.

Interaction with p5.js
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    Say we wanted to create a browser-based version of the classic arcade game Asteroids, where the mouse position controlled the movement of the game’s spaceship and the blaster was triggered by press…
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    p5.js makes it easy for us to use the mouse position with the built-in variables mouseX and mouseY. These two variables allow for a variety of mappings to visual elements in a p5.js sketch. The mo…
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    p5.js also provides us with functions that trigger when specific mouse events are detected. Some examples of mouse events include pressing the mouse, pressing and releasing the mouse, and detecti…
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    The dist() function is a powerful tool for calculating the distance between two points, stationary or dynamic. This function is oftentimes used in conjunction with mouse events. Understanding how a…
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    The p5.js library has the ability to store data from the keyboard input for a variety of uses. For example, suppose we wanted to know when a certain key was typed and have that key trigger a unique…
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    Similar to how we can use mouse input to perform actions in our p5.js sketches, we can also use key events for interaction! These key events are used with general key input or for detecting speci…
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    Congratulations! You now have the fundamentals of interaction in p5.js down. Throughout this lesson we covered a range of mouse and key interactions that help to bring more possibilities to your pr…

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