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PHP built-in functions

echo "I am built in";

PHP comes standard with many built-in functions. They give us an easier way to implement and repeat popular tasks throughout a program. A popular example is the echo function.

Many more are documented at In addition to a description of what the function does, the documentation for each function denotes:

  • The name of the function
  • Required parameters and their types
  • Optional parameters (in square brackets, []), their types, and default values
  • The return type of the function (after the final colon, :)
Intro to Built-in PHP Functions
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  1. 1
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  7. 7
    In order to understand built-in functions we’ve never used before, we’ll want to get comfortable understanding how they are represented in the documentation. Documentation typically includes: + The…
  8. 8
    In order to find out about built-in functions (and other language features), you’ll want to get comfortable exploring the PHP documentation. The docs ca…
  9. 9
    In this lesson, you learned that built-in functions are functions provided by PHP. You learned about several specific built-in functions, how to understand a function’s description in the documenta…

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