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Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are sequence of characters defining a pattern of text that needs to be found. They can be used for parsing the text files for specific pattern, verifying test results, and finding keywords in emails or webpages.

Introduction to Form Validation
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    Modern websites require a lot of information to function as intended. Information like our usernames, passwords, “friends”, “likes”, credit card information, and shopping orders all have to be prov…
  2. 2
    Most data, once submitted, is stored by a website or web application. It’s stored in a database on the server side. There are important reasons for us to make sure the information that will be stor…
  3. 3
    Data submitted through forms are stored as strings. Strings are a fundamental data type in computer science representing a series of characters “strung” together. As humans, we can intuitively reco…
  4. 4
    The first technique we can use to validate form data is to prevent problematic inputs from being submitted in the first place. This is called client-side validation. The client is the process int…
  5. 5
    Client-side validation has two main advantages. First, it’s a better experience for the user to be alerted to problematic data immediately rather than having to wait for that information to come ba…
  6. 6
    No matter how complete the front-end validation of a website or application seems, validations must also be completed on the back-end or server-side. Front-end validations are easy to bypass—a mali…
  7. 7
    In this lesson, we’ve explored form validation from many angles. Let’s review what we covered: + Modern websites require a lot of information from their users and they collect a lot of this informa…

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