Getting Started

Get up and running quickly by building a Rails app from scratch.

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Getting Started
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    Ruby on Rails is a web framework that makes it easy to build powerful web apps in a short amount of time. Ruby on Rails is written in the Ruby programming language. If you are new to Ruby, we reco...

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    Nice work! In three commands, you built a working Rails app that displays the Rails default page. How does it work? The rails new command created a new Rails app named MySite. It generated ...

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    What happens when you visit http://localhost:8000 in the browser? Check out the diagram in the browser. 1. The browser makes a request for the URL http://localhost:8000. 2. The request hits the ...

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    Great! We created a new controller named Pages. How did we do this? 1. The [...] command generated a new controller named Pages. This created a file named app/controllers/pages_controller.rb...

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    Well done! Now when a user visits [...] , the route [...] will tell Rails to send this request to the Pages controller's [...] action.

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    Congratulations! You built a Rails app from scratch. What can we generalize so far? Using the request/response cycle as a guide, this has been our workflow when making a Rails app. 1. Generate...

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Getting Started

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