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Introduction To Redux

A React application can share multiple points of data across components. In many cases managing the data shared can become a complex task.

Redux is a library for managing and updating application state. It provides a centralized “store” for state that is shared across your entire application, with rules ensuring that the state can only be updated in a predictable fashion using events called “actions”.

Redux works well with applications that have a large amount of global state that is accessed by many of the application’s components. The goal of Redux is to provide scaleable and predictable state management.

Core Concepts in Redux
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    Imagine a calendar app. One part of the app lists all of the events. Another part of the app sets filters on which types of events are shown. A third part of the app sets the current time zone and …
  2. 2
    In most applications, there are three parts: * State – the current data used in the app * View – the user interface displayed to users * Actions – events that a user can take to change the state T…
  3. 3
    State is the current information behind a web application. For a calendar application it includes the events (name, date, label, etc.), the current timezone, and the display filters. For a todo…
  4. 4
    Most well-designed applications will have separate components that need to communicate and share data with each other. A todo list might have an input field where the user can type in a new todo …
  5. 5
    So far, we’ve defined the state of our application and the actions representing requests to change that state, but we haven’t seen how these changes are carried out in JavaScript. The answer is a _…
  6. 6
    In the previous exercise, we wrote reducers that returned a new copy of the state rather than editing it directly. We did this to adhere to the [rules of reducers provided by the Redux documentatio…
  7. 7
    In programming, there is a more general way to describe the three rules of reducers in Redux: reducers must make immutable updates and be pure functions. If a function makes _immutable updates…
  8. 8
    So far we have covered state, actions, reducers, and how they participate in the one-way data flow. Where, in JavaScript, does all of this take place? Redux uses a special object called the _stor…
  9. 9
    Congratulations! In this lesson you’ve built a strong conceptual foundation of Redux and built a state object, some actions, and a reducer along the way. Here’s what else you learned: * Redux is …

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