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Installing Redux

npm install redux

The redux package is added to a project by first installing it with npm.

Some of the resources imported from redux are:

  • createStore
  • combineReducers
Intro to the Core Redux API
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  1. 1
    In this lesson, you will learn how to apply the core concepts of Redux to a real Redux application. Remember, Redux applications are built upon a one-way flow of data model and are managed by the …
  2. 2
    The core concepts of Redux are closely tied to a framework known as Flux. Both share the same concept of a one-way flow of data and a centr…
  3. 3
    As you know, every Redux application uses a reducer function that describes which actions can update the state and how those actions lead to the next state. For example, suppose you wanted to buil…
  4. 4
    The store object returned by createStore() provides a number of useful methods for interacting with its state as well as the reducer function it was created with. The most commonly used method, st…
  5. 5
    As you saw in the last exercise, you are likely to dispatch actions of the same type multiple times or from multiple places. Typing out the entire action object can be tedious and creates opportuni…
  6. 6
    In a typical web application, user interactions that trigger DOM events (“click”, “keydown”, etc…) can be listened for and responded to usin…
  7. 7
    Up until now, you have built a working counting application using Redux that lacks a proper user interface (UI). Let’s change that! The UI for this application should display the current count num…
  8. 8
    As you saw in the last exercise, Redux can be used within the context of any UI framework, though it is most commonly paired with React. This makes sense considering that React and Redux were both …
  9. 9
    Now that you have implemented the counter app using the HTML DOM API, and have seen a working React+Redux application, it is time to implement it using React. Take a look at the store.js file …
  10. 10
    Congratulations! You were able to apply the core concepts of the Redux framework by implementing an application using the Redux library. By completing this lesson, you are now able to: * Install …

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