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Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas

Ruby .call Method

In Ruby, a proc and a lambda can be called directly using the .call method.

proc_test = { puts "I am the proc method!" } lambda_test = lambda { puts "I am the lambda method!"} # => I am the proc method! # => I am the lambda method! #The following code would result in "I am the proc method!" and "I am the lambda method!" printed to the console respectively, once the proc, proc_test, and the lambda, lambda_test, are called.

Ruby lambda

In Ruby, a lambda is an object similar to a proc. Unlike a proc, a lambda requires a specific number of arguments passed to it, and it returns to its calling method rather than returning immediately.

def proc_demo_method proc_demo = { return "Only I print!" } "But what about me?" # Never reached end puts proc_demo_method # Output # Only I print! # (Notice that the proc breaks out of the method when it returns the value.) def lambda_demo_method lambda_demo = lambda { return "Will I print?" } "Sorry - it's me that's printed." end puts lambda_demo_method # Output # Sorry - it's me that's printed. # (Notice that the lambda returns back to the method in order to complete it.)

Ruby .collect Method

In Ruby, the .collect array method takes a block and applies the expression in the block to every element of an array.

first_arr = [3, 4, 5] second_arr = first_arr.collect { |num| num * 5 } print second_arr #Output => [15, 20, 25] # In this example, the .collect method is used to multiply each number within first_arr by 5. The outcome is then saved inside of the second_arr variable and printed to the console. The original first_arr is left unchanged.

Ruby yield Keyword

In Ruby, the yield keyword is used to transfer control from a method to a block and then back to the method once executed.

def yield_test puts "I'm inside the method." yield puts "I'm also inside the method." end yield_test { puts ">>> I'm butting into the method!" } #Output # I'm inside the method. # >>> I'm butting into the method. # I'm also inside the method.

Ruby proc

In Ruby, a proc is an instance of the Proc class and is similar to a block. As opposed to a block, a proc is a Ruby object which can be stored in a variable and therefore reused many times throughout a program.

square = { |x| x ** 2 } # A proc is defined by calling followed by a block. [2, 4, 6].collect!(&square) # When passing a proc to a method, an & is used to convert the proc into a block. puts [2, 4, 6].collect!(&square) # => [4, 16, 36]