Server Testing Stack
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    When testing an application, feature tests expose required tests or implementations at different levels of the application technology stack. One of those levels is the backend server. Server test…
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    When writing tests, sometimes you’ll find that the tests require calculation steps or inline code to determine if the test is passing. For example, to test if an array foo includes an element bar u…
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    Our back-end server is serving dynamic HTML to the user. For the homepage, this is located in the jsdom-test.js file to the right. It is possible to use .include() to verify that the HTML respo…
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    A server typically handles many requests at a time, but may be only capable of processing a subset of the requests concurrently. One side effect of this is that the server response time is neither …
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    As you may have noticed in the previous exercise, we are using the function request to make server calls to support our tests. This is actually a reference to the SuperTest library: const request…
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    In this lesson we covered a set of technologies used for testing a Node server. These included: - Chai - a library for extending the built in Node assertion library - jsdom - a library for inte…

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