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Why Learn the Basics of Android?

The use of mobile devices is increasing every year. Meet the operating system that powers nearly 90% of these devices—Android.

Take-Away Skills

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the wonderful world of Android. You’ll find out why Android is such an awesome place to be developing apps. You’ll meet Android Studio—the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android, and you’ll learn the fundamentals skills you need to build simple Android apps and run them on a real or simulated virtual device!

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  1. 1
    Learn why developing for Android is such a great move and get started with Android Studio—the Android Integrated Development Environment
  2. 2
    Dive into Android Studio—learn how to start a project, run an app on a device, and make your first Android app
  3. 3
    Learn Android Development fundamentals and sharpen your skills building a calculator app
Madelyn from Pinterest
I know from first-hand experience that you can go in knowing zero, nothing, and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away.
— Madelyn, Pinterest