Learn the Command Line

Learn about the command line, starting with navigating and manipulating the file system, and ending with redirection and configuring the env

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About this course

The command line is a quick and powerful text-based interface developers use to accomplish a wide set of tasks. With it, you’ll be able to customize your development experience and discover more of your computer’s capabilities. By learning the command line, you’ll also better prepare yourself for a career as an IT specialist, software engineer or systems analyst.

Skills you'll gain

  • Access and modify files

  • Gain insight into the filesystem

  • Customize your workflow


4 lessons • 4 projects • 4 quizzes
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Learn the Command Line course ratings and reviews

4.58 out of 5 stars
3,879 ratings
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  • The course is well-organized, and extremely beginner-friendly. The setup articles were also very useful, and the final project is comprehensive. It helps start your journey in CLI.
    Shar C.
    Verified Learner
  • This course was awesome! Concepts were covered in enough detail to understand how everything fits together but not so much detail that it was overwhelming. Everything was broken down into nice bite sized chunks and I loved the project features/steps at the end of each module. Being able to apply what you had learned was invaluable.
    Cara S.
    Verified Learner
  • Really helpful course to get to grips with the basic commands used in a terminal. The interactive terminal is very good and gives you immediate feedback on what is happening without the worry of breaking something.
    John B.
    Verified Learner

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Frequently asked questions about the Command Line

  • The command line is a powerful text-based interface that you can use to operate your computer more efficiently and accomplish a wider range of tasks.