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Main Functions of a Computer

- Input is data we give to our computers through interactions - Processing is comprised of the translation of input and the instructions given for output - Memory is used to store either temporary or permanent information - Output is the information that gets returned by the computer

There are four main functions of a computer that make user interaction possible:

  • Input
  • Processing
  • Memory
  • Output
How Computers Work
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    Computers make up the world around us - from robots to phones to our coffee machines, modern appliances are often powered by computers. We rely on this technology on a daily basis; therefore, we sh…
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    From clicking our mouse to turning up the volume of the speakers during our favorite song, we are constantly giving our computers input. We can think of input as how we as people physically interac…
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    Once we have some data, we need to process it so that our computer can figure out what we’re asking it to do and how to execute those requests. The job of processing information is given to the cen…
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    Our computers have a lot of information to process - where does all this data get stored? Computer memory refers to the system or device used to store computer-based data temporarily or permanently…
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    Once the CPU processes data and sends out instructions on how to handle it, output is produced! We can think of output as the computer fulfilling the command we gave it through an output device. …
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    Great job reaching the end of this lesson. Let’s go over what we learned about how a computer works: * Input is data we give to our computers * Processing is comprised of the translation of input a…