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Build Python Web Apps with Django

Django is an open-source Python web development framework that allows you to quickly create web apps using the plethora of tools provided.

Includes Python, Web Development, Web Apps, Frameworks, and more.

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    We suggest you complete the following courses before you get started with Build Python Web Apps with Django:
    • Learn Python 3

About this skill path

Django is written in Python and provides an opinionated approach to web development meaning you’ll know how projects are structured and you’ll have a general set of guidelines for how to bring your apps to life. Django comes with a lot of tools already provided, so you can pick and choose what you need to get the job done.

Skills you'll gain

  • Apply Python skills for web development
  • Build full-stack web applications
  • Deploy a Django app to the web


9 units • 8 lessons • 6 projects • 7 quizzes
  • 1

    Introduction to the Web

    Come get an overview of the underlying technologies you’ll build on top of in your Django app!

  • 2

    Introduction to Django

    Get an overview of Web Apps, the front-end and back-end, HTTP requests, and Django incorporates these concepts into a single framework.

  • 3

    Templates in Django

    Learn how Django’s templates and template language (DTL) make it a breeze to incorporate logic into HTML and render dynamic pages to users.

  • 4

    Data in Django

    Learn how Django implements a database using models and how you can interact with the database with Python code!

  • 5

    Views in Django

    Django’s views determine what data from a model gets displayed on a template. Learn how Django makes it easy for developers to set up views.

  • 6

    Forms in Django

    Incorporate forms in your Django app to get info from your users.

  • 7

    Accounts and Authentication in Django

    CRUD functionality is now easier with an admin account! Also, learn to safeguard the rest of your app by having your users create accounts.

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