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    Companies Where Our Learners Work


    Level Up Your Computer Science Skills & Your Career

    In the age of automation, technical skills are changing the workplace. We're here to help you get ahead. Explore exactly how to develop your career with code.


    Improve Your Technical Communication

    This path defines the terms, languages and frameworks that will allow you to talk about technology like an engineer or data scientist.


    Get the Big Picture

    Learn key concepts like the infrastructure of the internet and the difference between data analysis and data science.


    Explore Careers

    Listen to real software engineers and data scientists reflect on their day-to-day work to get a sense of what it's like to write code for a living.


    Discover Your Path

    After you figure out what kind of coding is most interesting to you, jump into a more targeted path to take your career to the next level.

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    You don’t need to know all of a programming language to start using it. Paths show you where to start on day one and will guide you through languages, projects, and practice to get you to your goal faster than you would with a traditional course.

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    We All Start at the Beginning

    If you can read, you can learn to code. We're here to make technical skills more flexible and accessible. Coding is for everyone, and so are we.


    For the longest time I didn't consider myself a programmer and I always put coding on a pedestal. I was like, you need to be like super smart to know programming and it's over here." - Patrick Stapleton, co-founder of Y Combinator backed,

    Patrick Stapleton
    Co-founder of Y Combinator backed,

    Learn from the Best

    Meet Zoe Bachman, Senior Curriculum Developer

    Zoe is an educator and artist with a Master's in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University and Bachelor's in Anthropology from Vassar College. She previously worked as a Lead Teacher for Girls Who Code and as a photography and media teacher in Baltimore, MD.


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