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    Level Up Your Computer Science Skills and Your Career

    In the age of automation, technical skills are changing the workplace. We're here to help you get ahead. Explore precisely how to enhance your career with code.


    Explore Computer Science

    If you're considering a CS major or even learning on your own, test the waters before you make a larger commitment.


    Get the Foundational Knowledge You Need

    We love self-taught engineers. This course will teach you the data structure and algorithm skills that have been traditionally only accessible in classrooms.


    Nail Your Next Coding Interview

    Learn the data structure and algorithm topics that employers are looking for.


    Prepare for a Promotion or Job Change

    No matter where you start on this path, you're gaining increased technical skills for a better title and larger salary.

    After 6 years and 45 million learners, we know what works

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    What’s a Path?

    You don’t need to know all of a programming language to start using it. Paths show you where to start on day one and will guide you through languages, projects, and practice to get you to your goal faster than you would with a traditional course.

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    Paths are part of our monthly subscription service, Codecademy Pro. Get access to quizzes, portfolio-building projects, videos, and your path.

    We All Start at the Beginning

    If you can read, you can learn to code. We're here to make technical skills more flexible and accessible. Coding is for everyone, and so are we.

    I started off by using a bunch of free coding resources online. I quickly realized that I wasn't going anywhere because I was just learning from all over the place. Not having a path is the worst thing that can happen. Codecademy Pro provided me with the structure that I needed to become a full stack developer.

    Adam Kiss, Pro Member

    Learn from the Best

    Meet Adam Kaczmarek, Senior Curriculum Developer

    Adam studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT and Columbia with a focus in Robotics and Controls. After spending 10 years as a Systems Engineer in Aerospace and Defense, he made a career switch to software development.


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