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    Companies Where Our Learners Work


    Level Up Your Data Skills & Your Career

    In the age of automation, technical skills are changing the workplace. We're here to help you get ahead. Explore exactly how to develop your career with technical skills.


    Don't Wait for a Data Team

    Learn SQL & query databases to analyze what's happening in your business


    Prove Your Point

    Run data analyses and build visualizations that back your argument, proposal or promotion request.


    Explore Machine Learning

    Learn foundational ML algorithms like cluster analysis and apply them to cutting-edge problems, such as image classification.


    Prepare for a Promotion or Job Change

    Gaining any one of these data skills gives you hard skills for a better title and larger salary.

    After 6 years and 45 million learners, we know what works

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    You don’t need to know all of a programming language to start using it. Paths show you where to start on day one and will guide you through languages, projects, and practice to get you to your goal faster than you would with a traditional course.

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    We All Start at the Beginning

    If you can read, you can learn to code. We're here to make technical skills more flexible and accessible. Coding is for everyone, and so are we.

    I took the Data Science path and found that it was perfectly tailored to the absolute beginner. I had zero experience in any form of coding beyond Excel. The explanations and instructions in the learning environment were super clear, concise, and jargon-free. The path has encouraged me to continue to develop my knowledge of SQL and coding in general.

    Andrew Malone, Pro Member

    Learn from the Best

    Meet Laura Breiman, Curriculum Developer

    Laura is a MIT graduate who studied Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. She is passionate about using data (big and small) to find patterns in our educational systems to create better educational material, and designed the curriculum for this course.


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