Skill Path

Design Databases With PostgreSQL

Learn how to query SQL databases and design relational databases to efficiently store large quantities of data.

Includes PostgreSQL, SQL, Databases, Back-End, Indexes, Normalization, and more.

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    30 hours
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About this skill path

Data is only as useful as the database it’s stored in. In this Skill Path, you will learn how to store and access relational data in PostgreSQL, an industry standard database management system used by AWS. Learn how to design efficient relational databases while using industry-standard techniques to maintain data integrity.

Skills you'll gain

  • Query databases using SQL
  • Design efficient PostgreSQL databases
  • Apply constraints to keep data intact


5 units • 11 lessons • 10 projects • 9 quizzes
  • 1

    What Is A Database?

    Let’s get started by learning what a database is and how to set one up on your own computer.

  • 2

    What Can I Do With A Database?

    Learn how to write basic queries to get information out of the databases you’re working with.

  • 3

    How Do I Make And Populate My Own Database?

    Learn how to properly design a database by learning about database schemas, relationships, and keys.

  • 4

    How Do I Make Sure My Database Stays Intact?

    Learn how to add constraints to your database! One of the advantages of databases is ensuring your data is entered in the format you expect.

  • 5

    How Do I Make Sure My Database Stays Fast?

    Learn how to optimize your database by using indexes and normalization.

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