Career Path

Front-End Engineer (2021 Version)

Front-end engineers work closely with designers to make websites beautiful, functional, and fast.

Includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Front-End, Web Apps, React, and more.

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  • Skill level

  • Time to complete

    6 months
  • Certificate of completion

  • Prerequisites


About this career path

NOTE: This Path contains the syllabus from 2021. For the Path with the updated syllabus, please visit the Catalog.


29 units • 119 lessons • 71 projects • 90 quizzes
  • 1

    Introduction to the Front-End Engineer Career Path

    Welcome to the Front-End Engineer Career Path!

  • 2

    Web Development Fundamentals

    Be introduced to the field of front-end web development and create your first web page on the internet.

  • 3

    Improved Styling with CSS

    Dig deeper into CSS and improve your ability to layout and style websites.

  • 4

    Making a Website Responsive

    Learn how to create websites that can be viewed on a variety of devices and use different layouts and positioning.

  • 5

    JavaScript Syntax, Part I

    Get introduced to JavaScript and get comfortable with the basics of writing JavaScript programs.

  • 6

    JavaScript Syntax, Part II

    Learn additional aspects of the JavaScript language and start writing more complex programs.

  • 7

    Building Interactive Websites

    Understand how JavaScript is used to add interactive experiences to a website.

The platform

Hands-on learning

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Projects in this career path

  • Project

    Fashion Blog

    It's time to build fluency in HTML Fundamentals. In this next project, we're going to practice Structure in HTML so you can hone your skills and feel confident taking them to the real world. Why? This project will help you to understand and master the building blocks of a webpage. It'll all build up from these foundations. What's next? A blogger, a developer, a stylish website. You got this!
  • Project

    Wine Festival Schedule

    In this project, we're going to practice tabular organization in HTML so you can hone your skills and feel confident taking them to the real world. Why? If you're going to have data on a webpage, you've got to master the skill of effectively and aesthetically organizing it – an HTML table is the perfect solution.
  • Project

    New York City Blog

    Create a blog about New York City using various semantic elements to show off how amazing the Big Apple is!
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