skill PathData Analyst Interview Preparation

Learn how to navigate job postings, succeed in interview questions, and ace take-home challenges for your next data analyst job interview.

6 weeks


Python, SQL, Interview Prep, Statistics, A/B Testing, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, Communication, and more...



For those who want to

  • Practice formulating answers to common interview questions
  • Create a well-rounded portfolio of projects with visualizations
  • Navigate job postings and tailor materials to get the job that you want


Certificate of Completion

Here are just a few things you’ll be able to do with this skill.

Here are just a few things you’ll be able to do with this skill.

Showcase your skills

Develop your portfolio to highlight your data analysis skills.

Answer interview questions with confidence

Practice answering interview questions and completing take-home assessments.

Navigate the data professions

Sort through job postings and requirements to find the best job for you.

You really feel like there's nothing you can't learn, which in turn builds so much confidence in your skills and gives the momentum to keep learning.

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