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Data Scientist Interview Preparation

Prepare for the data science interview process, from navigating job postings to passing the technical interview.

Includes Python, SQL, Interview Prep, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Data Cleaning, Data Visualization, Communication, and more.

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About this skill path

Prepare for the entry-level data science job hunt, from submitting an application to passing a technical interview. This skill path will guide you through navigating job postings, building a portfolio, and preparing for interviews. You will practice answering actual interview questions, solving real-world code challenges, and building whiteboarding skills.

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Skills you'll gain

  • Navigate job postings
  • Create targeted application materials
  • Answer technical interview questions
  • Build a well-rounded portfolio


8 units • 8 lessons
  • 1

    Welcome to the Data Scientist Interview Preparation Skill Path

    Prepare for your data scientist interview, get familiar with common roles, and practice questions to hone your interview skills.

  • 2

    Getting Started with Data Science Interview Prep

    Navigate data scientist job descriptions and the data scientist interview process with confidence!

  • 3

    General Data Questions for Data Scientists

    Practice answering data scientist interview questions about general data concepts.

  • 4

    Visualization, Communication, and Experimental Design

    Practice answering data visualization, communication, and experimental design interview questions for data scientist interviews.

  • 5

    Coding Challenges for Data Scientist Interview Preparation

    Prepare for SQL coding challenges and whiteboarding interviews in any programming language (including Python and R).

  • 6

    Machine Learning and Algorithms for Data Science Interviews

    Hone your machine learning and algorithms skills and knowledge to prepare for your next data science interview.

  • 7

    Data Scientist Interview Preparation Portfolio Project

    Showcase your data science skills with a curated portfolio project.

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