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iOS Developer

Learn how to use Swift and SwiftUI to build iOS applications.

Includes iOS, Mobile Development, Swift, Firebase, SwiftUI, Xcode, Interview Prep, Backend Development, Git, Algorithms, Data Structures, and more.

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About this career path

Companies are looking for developers to help them build their iOS applications, and this Career Path will teach you the skills you need to be an iOS developer. You’ll learn how to build fully-featured, interactive applications where users can browse, create, save, and upload content.

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26 units • 51 lessons • 24 projects • 63 quizzes
  • 1

    Welcome to the iOS Developer Career Path

    Start off with an overview of what you’ll cover in the iOS Developer Career Path, projects you’ll build, and resources you’ll benefit from.

  • 2

    iOS and Swift Foundations

    Learn about iOS development, Xcode, SwiftUI, and get started writing code in Swift.

  • 3

    Wireframing and Creating a Project in Xcode

    Wireframe the Code History app, get familiar with Xcode and learn about variables and conditionals in Swift.

  • 4

    Building Code History: The User Interface

    Learn about core Swift language features like Arrays and Dictionaries and start building the Code History trivia app.

  • 5

    Building Code History: The Question Model

    Learn about functions and structures and use them to start building the logic for Code History.

  • 6

    Building Code History: The Game Model

    Use properties and access control and MVVM design to build the game model for Code History.

  • 7

    Building Code History: The Final App

    Learn how to use a Swift class to build a view model and complete the Code History Application.

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