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Build a Machine Learning Model

Learn to build machine learning models with Python.

Includes Python 3, PyTorch, scikit-learn, matplotlib, pandas, Jupyter Notebook, and more.

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    22 hours
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  • Prerequisites

    2 courses
    We suggest you complete the following courses before you get started with Build a Machine Learning Model:
    • Learn Python for Data Science
    • Linear Algebra

About this skill path

More data is created and collected every day. Machine learning models can find patterns in big data to help us make data-driven decisions. In this skill path, you will learn to build machine learning models using regression, classification, and clustering. Along the way, you will create real-world projects to demonstrate your new skills, from basic models all the way to neural networks.

Skills you'll gain

  • Create machine learning models
  • Evaluate model performance
  • Build supervised and unsupervised models
  • Build neural networks in PyTorch


10 units • 17 lessons • 10 projects • 12 quizzes
  • 1

    Introduction to Machine Learning

    Welcome to the world of machine learning! You will learn some of the fundamental concepts behind machine learning.

  • 2

    Supervised Learning: Regression

    Use linear regression or multiple linear regression to fit a line to data. Using this line, you can make predictions about future data.

  • 3

    Regression Cumulative Project

    Practice your regression skills on a real-world dataset provided by Yelp!

  • 4

    Supervised Learning: Introduction to Classification

    Learn to classify data using some of the most famous supervised machine learning models.

  • 5

    Supervised Learning: Advanced Classification

    Learn some of the more complicated supervised machine learning models.

  • 6

    Supervised Machine Learning Cumulative Project

    In this cumulative project, use your understanding of a variety of supervised machine learning models to analyze social media data.

  • 7

    Unsupervised Learning

    Learn how unsupervised machine learning models work by implementing the K-Means clustering algorithm.

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