Premium Pre-Work

We're so glad to have you join Codecademy Premium! Follow these steps, and when your start date arrives you'll hit the ground running.


We’re so glad to have you join Codecademy Premium! Your start date is still a little ways off, but we want to make sure that when it arrives you can hit the ground running. To make that possible, we’re asking you to complete some pre-work before you begin.

What’s Pre-Work?

  • Meet your mentor
  • Get a head start on learning GitHub, an essential development tool
  • Tell us a little more about yourself before we get started!

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What you'll learn

  1. 1
    One Last Survey to Get You Onboarded to Codecademy Premium
  2. 2
    Schedule a conversation to get to know your Mentor before your start day.
  3. 3
    Beginner’s Guide to GitHub
  4. 4
    What to expect between now and your first day
Madelyn from Pinterest
I know from first-hand experience that you can go in knowing zero, nothing, and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away.
— Madelyn, Pinterest