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Central Limit Theorem

According to the Central Limit Theorem, the sampling distribution of the mean:

  • is normally distributed
  • has a mean equal to the population mean
  • has standard deviation (also called standard error) equal to the population standard deviation divided by the square root of the sample size

In the plots provided, the left plot shows the population distribution of salmon weights, and the right plot shows the sampling distribution of the mean salmon weights.

Sampling Distributions
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    The second part of the Central Limit Theorem is: The sampling distribution of the mean is normally distributed, with standard deviation equal to the population standard deviation (often denoted …
  7. 7
    According to the Central Limit Theorem, the mean of the sampling distribution of the mean is equal to the population mean. This is the case for some, but not all, sampling distributions. Remember, …
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    Let’s recap what we’ve learned in this lesson: - A sampling distribution is obtained by taking a random sample of a certain size multiple times, taking a sample statistic, and plotting the distrib…

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