Learner stories

This Construction Worker built a career as a Back-End Developer

Adam W., Back-End Developer @ Prototype Creative, Sheffield, United Kingdom

What inspired you to learn to code?

I was in a dead-end job and needed a change. I just happened to stumble across Codecademy’s courses online and gave it a shot. I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been in the construction industry since I left college about 8–9 years ago. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I stuck around as it paid the bills.

It wasn’t until around 2018 that I decided to take the risk and explore a new career. I started to learn through a few of Codecademy’s Skill Paths.

After three months of coding and practicing my newfound skills 2–3 hours per day, everyday, I managed to land a new job as a back-end developer!

How has coding impacted your life?

Professionally, it’s allowed me to start down a completely different career path from what I was doing.

Personally, coding really changed my happiness in life, as before, I was stuck in a dead-end job and felt like life was passing me by.

I may be very biased here, but coding literally turned my life around.

Describe your dream project.

A dream project for me would have to be developing my very first video game — or a personal project I’ve been wanting to start (but don’t yet know which architecture to build it with).

Any advice for those who are new to coding?

I may be very biased here, but coding literally turned my life around. It is one of the most rewarding careers I’ve had to date. Once you get in, the possibilities are literally endless.

Practice, practice, practice! The transition from coding in my spare time to coding for work was a big step, but it’s so worth it.

If you are just starting out, Codecademy is great. It’s undoubtedly the best tool on the internet and even the free stuff is superb. But I highly recommend upgrading to Pro — it has helped me massively, and I can’t thank Codecademy enough.

When you’re not coding, what do you do for fun?

Coding, video games, and playing 5-a-side football (soccer).