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Learners across the world are coming together to build Docs, a community-driven collection of documentation for popular programming languages and frameworks.

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Docs offers a hands-on opportunity to collaborate with other learners. Together, you’ll create free, useful resources for developers of all experience levels.

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Build a technical portfolio that demonstrates your expertise to peers and potential employers.

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Give back to the community

Share your knowledge and experience to help other developers tackle challenging concepts.

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About the Docs community

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What contributors say

  • “I thought this was useful, not just for me to write, but for others to read. I think Docs could grow into a huge thing, and I want to support it.”

    – Lilla, Docs contributor

  • “Best way to document a learning journey is to go public. Github is a great place to showcase what you are doing with your learning. It helped to contribute to a known company like Codecademy.”

    – Daksh, Docs contributor

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Docs help learners?

    When you’re just stepping into the world of code, it’s easy to get lost in all the arrays, classes, and strings. With Docs, learners have free access to reference materials about various tools and concepts. But it’s not just new developers who can benefit from Docs — it’s great for those who are already established in their fields, too.

    What topics can I write about?

    Docs can be created for any coding terms and concepts related to popular programming languages or frameworks, such as Python, JavaScript, C++, and Java. You can take a look at some existing Docs and open issues. If you don’t see an issue that fits you, you can request that we create an issue or work with other Docs community members to get an idea of where to start.

  • How do I qualify to contribute to Docs?

    Docs is an open-contribution resource that anyone can contribute to, even if you’re not a Codecademy learner. You can learn more about contributing here.

    Is Docs open-source?

    Docs is an open-contribution resource. While Docs is exclusively owned and hosted by Codecademy, it’s free for anyone — even those without a Codecademy account — to contribute through GitHub.

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