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Find your specialization in data science

These four beginner-friendly Data Scientist career paths let you focus on the specific skill sets you want to learn the most so you can quickly land a job you want.

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Machine Learning

  • Use data to make predictions
  • Build neural networks
  • Solve problems at scale

Avg. salary: $132,507

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Data Analytics

  • Use data to answer questions
  • Transform numbers into visuals
  • Deliver impactful reports

Avg. salary: $122,514

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  • Use data to discover why
  • Design experiments to test hypotheses
  • Do sophisticated analysis of data

Avg. salary: $124,482

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Natural Language Processing

  • Analyze language as data
  • Extract meaning from text
  • Get started in AI

Avg. salary: $133,505

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Not sure where to start?

Each career path starts with Data Science Foundations to give you a sense of what areas appeal to you before committing to a career path.

Why learn data science?

Companies everywhere are looking for data-driven decision makers to make sense of information.

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