Get ready for the interview

Learn what to expect from a tech industry job interview with interview prep and code challenges.

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Interview prep

Practice for interviews as part of a structured career path or on your own time with self-guided learning materials.

  • Get insider info

    Understand the technical interview process, including real coding challenges.

  • Gain confidence

    Get ready to answer questions and talk through your work.

  • Practice common questions

    Work through interactive questions and see their solutions.

“As my job became more focused on management and tools architecture, I lost touch with coding. Reviewing and learning on Codecademy helped me with technical interviews and I was able to get 5 offers.”

Lorenzo B.
Codecademy Pro learner


Code challenges

Test your knowledge with coding problems based on real-world technical interviews.

  • Think like a professional

    Apply the knowledge and problem-solving skills you’ve learned to solve real challenges.

  • Get job-ready

    Practice completing code challenges like the ones you’ll see in real technical interviews.

  • Learn what you’re missing

    Don’t worry if you get stuck. We’ll recommend the right courses to help you pass.

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