Jace van Auken

Curriculum Developer at Codecademy

Jace is a Curriculum Developer with the Codecademy Computer Science team. He learned to code at an early age by reading a C Primer textbook and playing around with HyperCard on his Macintosh Plus.

Jace came to Codecademy with a background in technical theater. He worked off-broadway for over 20 years building sets, hanging scenery, fixing anything that broke and engineering fun special effects. During this time he put himself through school and received a BS in electrical and computer engineering from New York Institute of Technology. In 2019, Jace received a graduate degree from Georgia Tech’s Online Master program in Computer Science. With his lifelong experience in programming and creating theatrical experiences, Jace looks forward to continuing to develop fresh, inspiring and interactive courses for Codecademy.

Since joining Codecademy, Jace has worked on courses in computer science and web development. These include Learn Kotlin, React/Redux, Computer Architecture, Learn C, Learn Raspberry Pi and Introduction to Game Development.

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Jace van Auken