Nick Duckwiler

Senior Curriculum Developer at Codecademy.

Hiya! I’m a Senior Curriculum Developer here at Codecademy and a self-taught programmer. I’ve written courses on test-driven development, React, Redux, C#, ASP.NET, Spring, Amazon Alexa skills, SQL, and programming as a career.

I also volunteer as a Lead Instructor with America on Tech where I teach HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to New York high schoolers.

Before joining Codecademy, I was an IT Consultant at EY, helping financial services companies manage complex, software-based projects. I have a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University.

Inside and outside of my professional work, I like to use data, code, and interactive design to encourage human empathy and intellectual curiosity. My past projects include digital art and video games, which you can check out at:

Nick Duckwiler

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