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Pro helps you switch or start your coding career.

Plus helps you develop your skills one at a time.


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Learn without limits

Have an all-access pass to 300+ courses, skill paths, career paths — and all features.

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Get step-by-step guidance to a new career and earn professional certifications.

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Build confidence for interviews and receive personalized job recommendations.

Build new skills with Plus

Unlock new choices

Choose from hundreds of courses or skill paths, and access helpful features as you learn.

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Build your expertise by focusing on one topic at a time with guided skill paths.

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Assess skills with quizzes and study smarter with AI-powered personalized practice.

Frequently asked questions

What’s a skill path?

Skill paths are your guide to learning a specific skill. Think specializing in a programming language or reaching a shorter-term goal (like building a website or a machine learning model). Both Pro and Plus plans give you access to skill paths.

What’s a career path?

Career paths help you switch or start your career. Get step-by-step guidance to all the languages, theory, projects, certifications, interview prep, and career help you need to land an entry-level job. Currently, only our Pro plan offers access to career paths.

Why Codecademy?

We believe anyone (and everyone) can learn to code. Whether you have zero experience, some knowledge, or have a good grasp on coding, we have lessons and resources for wherever you’re at.

What makes Codecademy different?

With Codecademy, you learn by doing. Our interactive platform will have you writing your own real code, right from day one. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you may think.

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