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Professional certification

Show yourself and prospective employers you’ve got what it takes.

  • Demonstrate your expertise

    Provide evidence of competency and mastery of your chosen subject to employers.

  • Industry standard assessments

    Your skills are assessed through a rigorous exam process based on industry standard core competencies.

  • Skip ahead to the exam

    Don’t waste time learning what you already know — go straight to taking a certification exam.

What hiring managers say

“If there’s someone whose background doesn’t necessarily align with what I’m looking for from a recruiting standpoint, then I will look at certifications that show experience. The certification tells me that this is somebody that I probably would be more open to speaking to, or at least gauging their interest level.”

– Erica Rivera, career coach and tech recruiter at Google

Professional certifications vs. certificates of completion

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    Professional certifications

    Pass all the exams in select career paths to earn a professional certification and prove your expertise to yourself and prospective employers.

  • Certificates of completion

    Earn a document to show you’ve completed an entire course, including lessons, projects, and quizzes.


Test specific skills needed for top tech careers with new certification exams.

  • Test recall and application

    Answer multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, then code in real time and have your work proofed.

  • Target areas for improvement

    Take a test to determine if you understand the content of a section.

  • Get personalized practice

    If you don’t pass an exam on the first try, don’t worry — personalized practice can help you pass.

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